Four Simple Steps to Improve the Soil Quality in Your Landscape

It’s tempting for a novice gardener to just go to the local hardware store and buy a plant without thinking. Before I learned the importance of a healthy soil base, I did that. You can save money and heartache by learning how to improve the soil in your garden. Some people are blessed with darkened soil that is rich in nutrients. Some people, such as myself, must work harder because of North Carolina’s sand. Our growing season in North Carolina is extremely long. However, the extra sand can sometimes cause us to spend more than we anticipated.

The first thing to remember is that not all plant species can thrive in the same soil medium. Zinnias and Cacti like Marigolds can thrive in sandy soil. You should not disturb your soil if you want your plants to be at their best. Let me start by addressing one of the most important aspects of soil improvement…

Soil Fertilization

Your roots must be able breath, regardless of whether you believe it or not. Your roots require water and good soil temperature. However, compacted soil can cause a lot of problems. Container planting can lead to soil becoming waterlogged and rotting. Your roots might not get enough water if you plant your plants directly in the ground. The sand in North Carolina can be a problem. Often, water from heavy rains simply rolls off the surface and into the city drainage system. Aerating the soil is a great way to improve it and prevent this from happening. Whether you are container planting, or not, you can achieve this with styrofoam. You can reuse the packaging by breaking it into small pieces and mixing it with the soil. You don’t want to overdo it as the soil will retain water. Excessive styrofoam may cause water to flow right past the roots. Using the leaf piles in place of styrofoam is a more sustainable way to go green. There is no need to crumble.

A Fruit Funeral

Or a veggie one! You can also collect your vegetative wastes to improve the soil. You don’t have to throw away your grape stems, apple cores, and banana peels. Instead, bury them. It not only reduces your garbage production but also aerates the top soil Charlotte NC. This is a surprising result! This type of waste can be buried in a way that is similar to composting, as it eventually breaks down. What makes them even more useful is the earthworms and other microorganisms that help to break down their waste. They are a great help to gardeners. My children used to hate earthworms. They keep the soil loose. These squirmy creatures can be encouraged if styrofoam doesn’t work for you. Your roots will love the tunnels they create underground. There is no soil compaction and there is no anaerobic atmosphere.

Keep Your Coffee

Millions of Americans drink a cup every day and then throw it away. If you are one of these people, I urge you to think twice. You can improve the soil by keeping all of your old grounds, filters, and all. Starbucks can also help you get some. We’ve tried them out a few times. You can either till your soil using coffee grounds (with filters) or layer it as a mulch. Coffee is biodegradable and improves soil by holding in moisture. Do not apply too much, as this can lead to mold growth.

Compost, Already!

If you want to improve the soil in your garden, composting can be a great option. It’s easy. You can turn good compost into, or mulch. It can be used as your sole medium. This will result in brighter blooms and better vegetables. As long as you do the job right, compost can accomplish all of the above. Although it takes time to make compost, don’t be afraid to add some to your soil.

Now you have information that will help you improve the soil in your garden. We guarantee you will be amazed at the results of any of these methods. We would love to see pictures of your garden results later in the growing season. We want you to have the best gardening experience possible!

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